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For over 18 years, we have welcomed brilliant clients, holding up an intelligent mirror to their world and helping them adapt and thrive in new social, political, technological, and economic contexts.

John Peel Anchor

*John Peel said that he wished Elvis Presley had spent a day on his family farm.


He firmly believed that Elvis would have benefited from spending a day immersed in the reality of family life and surrounded by people with no vested interest apart from supporting him in being Elvis Presley.

Elvis would have been better able to enjoy his talent, cope with the pressures of his career and make sounder decisions and judgment calls.

When we established our consultancy we wanted to give our clients similar support in their communications, reputation and change: providing appropriate, objective advice, having their best interests at heart and being there for them in good times and difficult ones too.

And so we named ourselves

(Eight hours with Elvis).

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